Yoghund YoPup Stayin Healthy Wheat Free Biscuits with Yogurt Probiotic Icing for Pets, 7-Ounce

YoPup biscuits are created to be a delicious and nutritious super treat that supports the entire wellbeing of your pet. Yopup biscuits have active cultures in a yummy yogurt icing with the highest quality, antioxidant rich ingredients. Pomegranates, raspberries and walnuts make this a delicious and wholesome treat for your dog. Yogurt and live probiotics make it a super treat that supports optimal health. These naturally preserved biscuits with active probiotic cultures are the perfect natural and healthy treat for your dog or puppy. YoPup is vitamin fortified and good for all life stages. There are 4 Functional Varieties -a Different Probiotic Blend in Each to Address Specific Conditions. Our YoPup Wellness Builder with that ‘creamy’ icing on YoPup biscuits signifies our probiotic blend formulated to build your dog’s immune defenses. Did you know the intestines are where most bad bacteria hangs out? With a routine of Wellness Builder treats, you’re ensuring your pup gets a daily dose of the good bacteria.

Product Features

  • An all natural wheat free premium biscuit
  • Yummy yogurt icing and live probiotics in every bite
  • Supports Immunity

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