Wooden Squirrel Feeder

Naughty squirrel stealing all the bird food again? Treat it to a feeder of its own and you’ll have no more run-ins! Simply fill with tasty nuts and watch your garden fill with woodland friends.

Squirrels can perch on the wooden base while lifting the hinged lid and poking their heads in to take the nuts. They may choose to eat while they sit there, or take the nuts away and hide somewhere safe, storing it for a later date. You’ll be amazed by how quickly these agile creatures learn to find and use this feeder.

Squirrels enjoy eating peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds, and by providing food for them you will be doing them a big favour through the Winter.

Measures 18cm high and attached to trees or fences using the hook attached.

Product Features

  • Squirrel feeder
  • Wood
  • 23x18x12

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3 Responses to Wooden Squirrel Feeder

  1. calamity says:

    Bargain! We love feeding the birds in the garden, but suddenly a grey squirrel appeared (I know it’s grey, but still cute) It was stealing the nuts from the bird feeder & was ripping the wire. We tried all the pet shop s but could not find a squirrel feeder, just the deterents, so when we found the feeder on Amazon we were over the moon. We watched the squirrel for 2 or 3 days, & it could not work it out, so husband stuck a piece of wood to wedge the top open & now the squirrel has the knack…

  2. A. Horner says:

    Great Idea but needs refining. We’ve been feeding the birds for years and had to invest in squirrel proof feeders because the little pests take everything and damage normal feeders in the process. However, I never wanted the squirrels to go without so this is a perfect idea. It keeps the food dry, stops slugs and the bigger birds getting it and focuses the squirrels on something other than damaging everything else.However, this is the second box I’ve bought and only because it was cheap the second time round. The…

  3. sandra says: