Whole Walnuts (In Shells) Parrot Treat – 350g

The fruit or seed of the Walnut tree which is grown all over the world.
A popular tree nut due to its high density of nutrients, particularly proteins and essential fatty acids. Walnut trees can grow anywhere between 10 and 40 meters tall and produce rounded, single-seeded stone fruits. The walnut fruit is enclosed in a green flesh like husk.

The husk is removed during manufacture to access the brown walnut shell, which is in two halves. This shell is hard with a wrinkly appearance and encloses the kernel, which is also made up of two halves.

The large hard shell provides Parrots with foraging problem straight from nature. Cracking open large nut shells such as these means your Parrot has to work that little bit harder for their food, keeping their mind active and beaks busy.

For pet birds and Parrots who may find cracking open the large hard outer shell difficult then why not order your bird some Shelled Walnuts (code 544135) they can still enjoy their great taste and benefit from the high nutrient levels.

Product Features

  • The fruit or seed of the Walnut tree which is grow
  • Suitable for Cockatoo,Macaw – Large,Macaw – Small,
  • Northern Parrots

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