Wahl Pet Grooming Brush and Comb Set, 21 cm

Product Features

  • Produced using sustainable, fast growing bamboo.
  • An environmentally friendly natural material without the harmful pollutants caused through plastic production.
  • Double sided brush with stainless steel pin bristles to remove tangles and matting & soft bristles on the reverse for a smooth manageable coat.
  • Pet comb with long, stainless steel teeth designed to help penetrate the root of your pet’s coat.
  • Suitable for most coat types

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2 Responses to Wahl Pet Grooming Brush and Comb Set, 21 cm

  1. Chris from Hampshire says:

    Excellent Grooming Set at an Excellent Price! Wahl Pet Grooming Brush & Comb SetThis comb and double sided brush set is a brilliant product from the renowned name of Wahl. The brand name is synonymous with quality, and these items are from the Naturals Range.The COMB -• Stainless steel teeth set into a really stylish, smooth and comfortable to hold Bamboo handle. There is even a hole, so that if desired, the comb can be hung up.• The comb is securely affixed with cable ties to a…

  2. S Riaz says:

    Wahl Pet Grooming Brush and Comb Set In reality, this is really a triple grooming set, as it comes with a stainless steel comb, to help with tangles and matted fur, and a double sided brush – one side has steel bristles, again to help remove tangles and the other side has soft bristles, to make fur soft and smooth.With bamboo handles, these brushes are comfortable to hold and, as you would expect from Wahl, extremely strong and well made. This is an excellent set for grooming – the bristles get right down…