Wahl Metal Pet Comb, 15 cm/6 inch

Product Features

  • Manufacturered from durable, rust resistant steel
  • This dual purpose comb features wide and narrow set teeth for both coarse and fine fur / hair
  • Strong metal teeth make light work of even the toughest tangles
  • Suitable for all animal coats

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3 Responses to Wahl Metal Pet Comb, 15 cm/6 inch

  1. RAC says:

    Very good

  2. Beanie Luck says:

    Better than the furminator I would never of thought that something so simple could be so effective.My Husky when seeing this goes straight and lies down on the floor to be brushed , she loves it.It doesn’t hurt, has no harsh spikes, isn’t rough, has lovely rounded ends that don’t hurt her skin, and to top it off, it removes all the shedding hair, and all the tufts of undercoat you don’t normally get.Plus it was a complete bargain.Compared to the…

  3. Sheds In A Box says:

    Clip with no clop Was well impressed with this as I have never used one before or even seen one used I was a bit worried I would split the nails or hurt my two Spangles! But in fact it was absolutely as easy as falling off a log, the result is a trimmed claw, a happy dog and no snagging on the carpets.My dogs DO have 2 – 3 mile walks most days, they also have 4 mile walks at weekends, but because this is forest and woodland areas the claws don’t get worn down. I am happy now, and most importantly,…