Wahl Battery Pet Trimmer Silver

Product Features

  • Lightweight, battery powered pet trimmer suitable for most types of animal hair
  • Ideal for trimming smaller, more intricate areas after clipping or for tidy ups in between full clips
  • Rust resistant, high carbon steel blades are precision ground for a superior cutting performance
  • Cutting lengths from 0.5 mm to 13 mm – includes six position adjustable comb attachment plus 3 close trim comb attachments
  • Soft touch, rubberised insert for improved grip

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3 Responses to Wahl Battery Pet Trimmer Silver

  1. E. Amato says:

    User friendly

  2. C. Emberson says:

    Novice clipper

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, a bit noisy We bought this as we didn’t want to pay the £150 price tag on the visit to the vet to remove the mattes from out cat.Well it did work, but being battery operated it was not particularly powerful so took longer than we had anticipated and THE NOISE!!! When we first turned it on we thought ‘OMG she’s not going to let us anywhere near her with that thing!!!’ But we bit the bullet, put a tea towel over her head and remarkably she let us get on with it with no fuss! Like I said, not…