Trimmex Pet Grooming Aid Coagulating Powder 30g

Hatchwells Trimmex Styptic Powder stops bleeding from nails claws in the event the quick is cut into, and is also a great product for stopping bleeding of minor cuts and scratches. Hatchwells Trimmex Styptic Powder is suitable for cats and dogs and an essential in every groomers supply box.

Product Features

  • Trimmex powder helps stop bleeding when trimming your dogs claws or from minor cuts and scratches.

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3 Responses to Trimmex Pet Grooming Aid Coagulating Powder 30g

  1. LouiseMarie says:

    So go for the smaller tub if purchasing as the majority of it will be wasted. The market for this type of product is very small and Trimmex seem to have the share. As a product it works, however as it is in powder form extremely messy and would prefer the powder to be white in colour as the dark yellow marks white coats. If it isn’t used regularly the powder hardens in the pot and in unusable so maybe the packaging can be looked at as I have to replace before the trimmex the pot is half empty and I am a dog groomer, I have even tried storing it in a sealable plastic bag…

  2. Boo says:

    Great product