Toruiwa Birds Perch Stand Bar Cage Shelf Birds Paw Grinding Chewing Toy for Birds Parrot Macaw African Grey Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Lovebird Finch Pet Supplies Birdcage Accessories Pack of 1

Package included: 1*bird perch
Perch size: 2cm*18cm, Total height:10.5cm
Material: acrylic+wood
Give your bird fun and hours of enjoyment.
Suitable for budgies cockatiel macaw african greys and other similar size birds.

Product Features

  • Material: acrylic+wood
  • Perch size: 2cm*18cm, Total height:10.5cm
  • Package included: 1*bird perch
  • Ideal perch for your little friends to stand, train and play.
  • Provide your bird with an interesting place to paw grinding, play and relieve boredom.

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