The Dog’s Blanket, Premium Quality Dog Blanket in Grey, Reversible, Soft Microfiber Luxury for your Dog or Puppy to Enjoy

Quite possibly the World’s most comfortable Dog’s Blanket – “The Dog’s Blanket” is the ideal premium quality partner to The Dog’s Bed allowing your dog to use as a pillow, a warm cover or just to satisfy their nesting instincts. Constructed from premium microfiber and expertly sewn. What’s better than a great night’s sleep? Not much hey! We offer your dog exactly that.

Used on your furniture The Dog’s Blanket will protect your furniture from hair, scratches or accidents. Machine washable and durable you can throw it into a warm wash and it will dry naturally in double quick time.

Dogs crated and left with just their bed and some indestructible toys need a blanket to provide them with visual and physical stimulation and to allow them to create their nest to rest waiting for you to return home to play with them:)

This blanket will extend the life of their dog bed and your expensive furniture … all while making them happy as they drag it around with them as a trophy …

Here at “The Dog’s Balls” we bring you the full package to care for your sleeping and resting needs of your furry friend, great beds in many designs, colors and sizes as well are replacement covers, toys and their favourite blanket – “The Dog’s Blanket”.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, personalised for you our customer. We always appreciate your feedback as this helps us to improve and grow, in fact many of our new products have come from ideas from our thousands of customers worldwide. We’re always here for you – drop us a message at any time.

Product Features

  • XL Grey premium quality blanket (139x97cm), soft and warm to keep your pet happy & content
  • Branded as theirs with “The Dog’s Blanket” you can use it in their bed or on your furniture – you know they go there when you are out:)
  • Double sided microfiber for a luxurious soft feel, expertly sewn premium materials
  • Easy to wash, machine washable and fast drying
  • Ideal for dogs that like to nest, converts any bed into their home for the night, or for another nap

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3 Responses to The Dog’s Blanket, Premium Quality Dog Blanket in Grey, Reversible, Soft Microfiber Luxury for your Dog or Puppy to Enjoy

  1. Anglesey girl says:

    Brilliant for ex racers with aches and pains! Both boys (retired greyhounds) looked at it for a couple of hours but then one of them lay on it when I put the new soft throw over it. Both are now using it to compliment their big donut beds.If your dogs are like greyhounds and need to both curl up (not on this bed) or have a really good stretch out (this bed) then this is the one for you, well, them!Chico is already beginning to get a dodgy hip because of his racing days and he really seems to like the firmness of this bed and he…

  2. Victoria says:

    Best dog bed

  3. Lonewolf says:

    I love it! But my chocolate Labrador doesn’t! This is a lovely bed, I bought it for my 9 year old 40kg Chocolate Labrador.He’s had cruciate & Meniscus surgery over the last two years.It breaks my heart to see him turn away from this, he sleeps on the settee or the floor!He had two quilts folded before and it obviously was much ‘softer’ than the firmness this bed provides.It is firm but it needs to be to support him.I’ll see how he goes in the days ahead, but at the moment it looks like £125 has been spent…