TAONMEISU Funny Pet Supplies Rope Bird Rope Toy for African Greys Budgies Stand and Play

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New and high quality, nice design.

Reusable, durable, practical, good elasticity.

Colorful, beautiful, elastic, your pets will surely enjoy it .

Suits for parrots,birds

A great gift for your … Continue reading

Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead Green 1.22m X12mm Sz 4-8

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Nylon rope is more functional than traditional cotton, nylon repels water and soiling and can be more easily cleaned.
Originally created for pure functionality, rope leads have been a favourite amongst dog owners following their … Continue reading

10 Set Pet Rope Toys, Chew Toys for Dogs Teeth Aids for Small to Medium Pet Material Non-Toxic Tasteless Sturdy Durable

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Product Properties:

▶ Material: Cotton + TRP
▶ Size:
• Rope Diameter: 18cm
• 8 Word Rope Length: 25.5cm
• Hammer Length: 41cm
• Short Rope Length: 25cm
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Trixie Natural Living Perch with Rope, 25 x 25 mm Diameter

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Perches, which are irregularly shaped, made of cotton or natural wood train and massage the bird’s foot. Wooden perches also support a natural claw care

Product Features

Vi.yo Pet Climbing Rope Colorful Woven Net Rope Hammock for Parrot Bird Pet Climbing Toy Pet Supplies

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Size: 28cm*20cm (manual measurement, please allow a little error)
Weight: about 150g
Popular toys for hamsters, cockatiels, parakeets, parrots,course and other small animal, give them hours of enjoyment.
Keep your lovely pet company when you are … Continue reading

Hosaire 2 Pcs Pet Cotton Slipper Toys Pet Chew Rope Toys Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Cotton Dental Dog Toys-9*20CM(Random Color)

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Material: Cottonandlt;brandgt;
Made from pure cotton, non-toxic, safe for chewing.andlt;brandgt;
Good clean tool for your pet dog’s oral hygiene cleaning teethandlt;brandgt;
Keep your pets company when you are not at home.andlt;brandgt;
Can be used to train … Continue reading