Heritage Pet Products Large Puppy Training Pads Wee Wee Toilet Trainer 60 x 45cm (30 Pack)

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Heritage Pet Products – Puppy/Pet Training Pads.

Highly absorbent puppy/pet training pads with waterproof rear sheet.
Contain highly absorb sap not cheap version using recycled paper.
Highly absorbent, locks in moisture … Continue reading

Heated Pet Mat – SAFE, 12V, CHEAP TO RUN. Ideal Size – 50 x 40 cm. FREE Car Charger. The Best Heated Pet Mat, Heated Pet Pad, Heated Pet Bed Available Today. The Best Heated Pads For Cats, Heated Cat Bed You’ll Find. Also Great For Dogs, Rabbits, Kittens, Puppies, Keep Them Cozy Throughout The Winter And Indeed All Year Round! Comes With A Chew Resistant Cable And FREE Car Charger. Get Yours Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Very Quick Delivery. Your Pet Will Love it!

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Heated Pet Mat by Perpetual Bliss

Your pet will love this heated pad – guaranteed! It is the ideal size, not too big or too small at 50x40cm. The dimensions of the box which … Continue reading