Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dental Dog Chews – Medium Dog, Pack of 10 (Total 10 x 7 Sticks)

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pedigree denatastix for medium dogs you get 10 packs these are great for your dogs teeth and gums

Product Features

  • DentaStix fresh dog chews are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% when fed daily
  • The dental chews have a blend of green tea extract … Continue reading

100% Pure dried fresh meat Training Treats for dogs 3 x 85g variety bundle (Kangaroo, Venison & Goat)

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A range of 100% PURE MEAT training treats sourced & made in Europe. Made from human grade meat. They are healthy and Simply irresistible to dogs! 100% air dried pure fresh meat…thats it! Ideal to use … Continue reading

Envii Pet Fresh – Stain and Odour Eliminator, Remover & Neutraliser Enzymes For All Pets – Deodoriser Solution, For Vomit, Urine and Feaces (750ml)

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Envii Pet Fresh is safe for pets and works on all pet urine. It is a tested formula that contains 7 strains of beneficial bacteria and is 3 times stronger than the best seller!

Anyone who … Continue reading