Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Rabbit Food – 3 kg

A nutritionally balanced diet for rabbits. High protein 25% Promotes dental wear Monocomponent fully extruded diet Prevents selective feeding Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria within the digestive system Contains Linseed a great source of Omega 3& 6 promoting healthy skin & coat High palatable No added sugar or artificial colourants Ingredients Alfalfa wheat & wheat feed soya and soya hulls flaked peas linseed (2%) soya and soya oil sugar beet pulp salt lysine methionine choline vitamins and minerals

Product Features

  • High in fibre – 25%
  • Zero added sugar
  • Rich in natural ingredients
  • Prevents selective feeding
  • Promotes healthy digestion

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2 Responses to Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Rabbit Food – 3 kg

  1. Yorkshire Girl 😊 says:

    May look like another ‘bland’ nugget feed, but rabbits do find it tasty. I have been feeding my 2 rabbits this product for 3 years now and having come across the 5kg sized bag, have made 3 purchases with ‘subscribe and save’. I have kept the bag well sealed, or transferred the contents into a tub with lid (a 5kg bag last my rabbits 2 months), but the colour of the food does deteriorate slighty by the end of the period. When I start a fresh bag, the rabbits definitely ‘tuck in’ again, which suggests that the taste also lessens to some degree over the weeks. As my…

  2. mummyof3 says:

    the best rabbit food i purchased this food for my house rabbit as i already use the supreme science guinea pig food for my guinea pigs , so i knew the rabbit food by the same brand would just be as good. The size of the pellets are large so they are chewing them for quite a while which is fantastic for their teeth. My rabbit love this food . i like that it tells you how many grams to feed per day for the size of your rabbit this is very useful so as not to under feed or over feed. This is a great food for a rabbits…