Supa Turtle Food Superior Mix 1 litre 1000ml

This food is best fed as a complementary food in conjunction with fresh and other complete prepared foods. Contains Gammarus, River Shrimp, Freeze Dried White Shrimp and Freeze Dried Tubifex.

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2 Responses to Supa Turtle Food Superior Mix 1 litre 1000ml

  1. BC says:

    Good food, but not a “complete” food .?.?.? Service: Prompt – got it within a couple daysPrice: Seems to be a good priceSize: We tried the smaller size to ensure that the turtles liked it and went for this as it’s priced betterNow for the review….The turtles seem to like it, but do leave some. It says that this is not a complete food, so maybe you need to add suppliments as well. We tried another turtle food, which the turtles just ate the shrimp and left the pellets, so with this food, we have less…