Suet to Go Wild Bird Suet Value Insect Block 300 g (Pack of 10)

Product Features

  • Highly nutritious suet block
  • Can be feed using standard suet block feeder
  • Should not melt in hot summer
  • Packed with protein rich dried insects
  • Easy to handle

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2 Responses to Suet to Go Wild Bird Suet Value Insect Block 300 g (Pack of 10)

  1. Atticus Finch says:

    Great product at a great price! I bought this suet because of the quality of the suet cake and the exceptional price.Although it is branded as “Unipet”, these cakes are made by “Suet on the Go”. I have found the “Suet on the Go” brand to be excellent in terms of quality, both for suet cakes and suet pellets. I say this based on the number of birds that visit when I use this brand over others. For instance, when I put out a brand called ChapelWood, the birds will not touch it.The cost including delivery…

  2. Whenby says:

    The only inexpensive block that the birds really like After trying several less expensive blocks from eg plant centres and finding that the birds ignored them, I decided to take a risk with the Unipet ones. So glad I did as the birds, especially the spotted woodpeckers, just can’t get enough! I have had to use a squirrel proof holder, not to keep squirrels off, but to stop Jackdaws and Magpies attacking it and frightening off the small birds.In addition, the box gives the content of the blocks and their nutritional value. They…