Skinner’s Field & Trial Dog Food Duck & Rice

Product Features

  • For working dogs
  • Free from wheat, maize, barley, gluten, soya and dairy
  • Maintains energy
  • Maintains healthy coat
  • Contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin

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3 Responses to Skinner’s Field & Trial Dog Food Duck & Rice

  1. MrsCameron says:

    5* I have 2 rescue dogs, a 5 year old gsd x collie who is prone to putting weight on and more recently we got a whippet x saluki pup who is now 10 months old and a bag of bones and energy. I had fed the gsd cross on cheap supermarket food as I didn’t know any better and she seemed fine on it. Since we got the pup though, I suddenly had to wise up to what I was feeding them. Anything too meat rich gave the pup the squits, anything too cheap and full of maize and wheat made his coat start falling…

  2. M. W. Enright says:

    Hypo allergenic dog food

  3. Kirk says:

    High Quality food at an excellent price. Skinner’s is an excellent quality food which uses high quality ingredients.I spent many hours researching many different dog foods for my dog before deciding on field and trial.Skinners ingredients list and percentages is comparable to other brands which are twice the price, Skinners is much cheaper and better value.The hypoallergenic aspect of the food is also excellent, my German Shepherd often suffered with stomach issues and moving to this food cleared it up very…