Sesaisi-PET 7inch Professional PET DOG Grooming scissors suit Cutting&Curved&Thinning shears (White)

A set of scissors including:
1X cutting scissors
1X scissors notched
2X scissors bent
1 x grooming comb
1 x bag
Material:4CR stainless steel

Scissors maintenance instructions
1.Please don’t cut the air.
2.High quality steel, high sharpness, when you use the scissors,you must pay attention to safety.
3.Please keep it clean after using,can lubricated if necessary.
4.Please be careful with the scissors,don’t drop from high level,this will destroy marginal adaptation of the scissors.
5.Don’t use them to cut metal objects.The scissors can only be used for hair trimming, otherwise it will shorten the life of using.

Product Features

  • Style: Professional pet grooming scissors set.
  • Grooming Comb and scissor case that are constructed of stainless steel and come with finger-rest for extra control and comfort.
  • All of Scissors are made with high quality Stainless Steel with Coated Titanium for durability and style.Ergonomiclly Curved/bent down finger thumb hole/ring to help reduce hand, arm,elbow, shoulder, neck and back problems.
  • Razor sharp edge provides effortless shaping and finishing of all coat types. Engineering structure design allows you to grip them very comfortablely and reduce the labor intensity of you. This design insures the minimum risk for repetitive motion injury.
  • Color:Purple,Black,White,Pink,Multicolor,Golden

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