Sankill Pet Grooming Glove Dog Cat Glove Brush Deshedding Bath Hair Remover Comb for Gentle and Efficient Massage (2 Right Handed)

Get tired of pet’s hair falling off around the house and have trouble in cleaning the fur? Our pet glove brush is your best solution that helps effective grooming and massaging for your pets.

The Sankill Deshedding Gloves remove loose hair and gently massage your pets. Perfect for long haired or short and curly haired dogs and cats, you dogs will love these.

Massage all areas of your pet’s coat
Around the face, under the chest, behind the legs and tail

Velcro strap
You can adjust the tightness of the glove with the hook and loop fastener.

Great pet hair remover for all sizes and breeds
Works great on all dog and cat breeds! Just stroke your pet as you would normally, the glove picks up all loose hair!

The mesh on the back side of the glove allows it to breathe instead of getting your hands sweaty easily.

Grooming and Massaging
Premium silicone tips effectively remove the loose fur, dust and dirt from your pet. Our pet brush gloves with soft silicone tips provide comfy bathing and massage for your pets while promoting blood circulation. Keep your pets clean and healthy.

Peel Off Hair
When enough hair collects in the glove, the layer will peel right off! You can also clean your glove with warm water and a mild soap and then let air dry.

Material: Rubber
Not machine washable
Suitable for: Dogs, cats and any other pets
Color: Blue and Black
Length: 25cm/9.8″
Width: 18cm/7″

Package includes:
2 x Deshedding gloves for Pet(Left and Right Hand)

Product Features

  • Quick and Gentle Pet Grooming- Your dog will love the Deshedding Glove, soft silicon tips effectively remove the loose fur from your pet
  • Comfortable Massage- Mimics the touch of your hand for a massage; includes 180 soft silicone tips to groom with ease
  • Easy to Clean and Use- The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after your pet grooming
  • With Adjustable Velcro Strap- Our deshadding brush ensures snug fit for various sized wrists without coming off easily
  • Keep your house clean with these gloves by minimizing cat and dog shedding

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2 Responses to Sankill Pet Grooming Glove Dog Cat Glove Brush Deshedding Bath Hair Remover Comb for Gentle and Efficient Massage (2 Right Handed)

  1. Scientist Mike says:

    Turn Cat Grooming into Fun! Cat Loved it! As it’s coming up to summer and my cat is extremely lazy I needed something to help remove the excess amount of cat hairs he was shedding off. He’s just a standard black haired moggy, but he still has alot of hair. I normally use a wire comb but that seems a bit aggressive on him so needed something a little softer.The product is two gloves that you wear with a wrist fastener. The rubber underside has tiny projections that can penetrate through the hair down to the dermal layer thus…

  2. Haley L says:

    Not so good for big dogs.. I have a very hairy German Shepherd and a not overly hairy Jack Russell. Brushing the GS can be a bit of a pain sometimes, so I needed something that would make it a bit easier. I saw these gloves, I figured I would give them a try.When they arrived, the gloves were smaller than I thought they would be. I can use them fine as my hands are relatively small, but my partner could hardly get them on. When it came to brushing the GS, the gloves did remove the hair,but not as much as…