Royal Canin Dog Food Medium Adult 15kg

Royal Canin Medium Adult 15kg

Product Features

  • Promotes ideal shape in adulthood from 12 months to 7 years
  • Supporting natural defences
  • Optimal weight
  • High digestibility
  • Enhanced flavour

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3 Responses to Royal Canin Dog Food Medium Adult 15kg

  1. JassyBoy says:

    Sunny’s Delight…! I have a 20 month old Beagle (Sunny) who has had a Royal Canin mixture since he was a puppy. Originally we started him off with the Junior Medium and when he turned around 10 months he went onto the Adult variety.He has never had any other product and we have found that he’s getting all the nourishment/vitality that he needs from the 2 feeds he receives per day (07:00/19:00).The breeder that we bought him from highly recommended Royal Canin – they should know having had…

  2. Mr. Trevor Darragh says:

    Very good product, use several types as I have a … Have fed Royal Canin to our dogs now for over 15 years. It results in less waste, shiny coats and (we think) fewer health problems. From time to time we have tried to change over to a cheaper dog food for economic reasons but soon go back to Royal Canin. The medium is just right for our little labrador/lurcher cross, but isn’t satisfying our 18 month old lab who is a big boy. Have switched him to Royal Canin Maxi. The little Russells are on Royal Canin mini, they are both fussy eaters, and…