Royal Canin Dog Food Labrador/Retriever 30 Dry Mix 12kg

Product Features

  • For Labrador/Retrievers over 15 months of age
  • Helps maintain ideal weight
  • Supports strong bone structure
  • Promotes beautiful and healthy waterproof coat
  • Vision support

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3 Responses to Royal Canin Dog Food Labrador/Retriever 30 Dry Mix 12kg

  1. J. A. Ingram says:

    Not for everyone Have been using this for the first year of our dog’s life (puppy version) and also dealing with allergies.Dog trainer advised that the two might be linked so switched to another brand and the allergies improved enormously within a couple of weeks.The Vet strongly recommends this brand and also sells it and has large display in his surgery. Go figure that one out.;)Dog trainer encouraged me to look at ingredients: Does “Ash” really mean, like, ash?Not part of any…

  2. monkey puzzle says:

    Good quality diet for our Labrador. Our Labrador lives on this Royal Canin kibble diet and we weigh it out for each meal twice a day. Keeps his weight stable and he is now 6 years old and always very fit and healthy. Stomach is perfect with regular formed motions and a wonderful heathy shiny coat. We started using this when he was a puppy as he had a sensitive stomach giving him diarrhoea for even the other main premium make dog foods we all know well.Our Labrador is a ‘failed’ Airport Customs food and drug detector dog who…

  3. Benjimillie says:

    Greedy Labrador