Royal Canin Cat Food Persian 30 Dry Mix 4 kg

Product Features

  • The exclusive nutritional response for Persian cats over 12 months
  • Maintains the beauty of a long coat
  • Hairball reduction
  • Reinforced digestive safety
  • Special brachycephalic jaw

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2 Responses to Royal Canin Cat Food Persian 30 Dry Mix 4 kg

  1. B. Newlands says:

    You have a Persian? Than Royal Canin is a MUST! I rescued a Persian cat about three years ago. She had all the problems a Persian cat can have…bad fur, dry fur, she didn’t have any appetite, had ear problems…about £400.00 worth of vet treatment and surgeries for ear and eye problems and she still didn’t seem right. But thanks to a wonderful friend who is a top Persian Cat breeder, Gail Miller of Morninglory Persians, I put her on Royal Canin Persian 30 dry mix.What a turn around! She loves it…I mean she REALLY loves it. And…

  2. Mrs. Juggins says:

    Jasper’s favourite