Royal Canin Cat Food Oral Care 30 Dry Mix 1.5kg

Size, Shape And Texture Of Kibbles Are Specifically Designed To Clean Teeth When Chewed. “Calcium-Catching”Substances Minimise Plaque Calcification And Reduce The Risk Of Tartar Build-Up. Natural Fibre Regulate Gut Function To Minimise Hairball Formation And Enable Gentle Evacuation Of Excess Hair. Special Kibbles Stimulate Intensive Chewing, Slowing Down Food Intake To Reduce The Risk Of Vomiting.

Product Features

  • 59% Reduction in tartar formation after 28 days of exclusive use
  • Unique kibble shape and texture
  • Traps calcium
  • Prevents tartar deposits

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3 Responses to Royal Canin Cat Food Oral Care 30 Dry Mix 1.5kg

  1. Janet 71 says:

    Suspected Calicivirus recommended Oral biscuits Our Kitten was only 3 months old when we took him in from a rescue home. After a bad start with an eye infection we took him back to the vets as his gums were red, bleeding and he had terrible bad breath that you could smell 5 feet away if he was cleaning. Our vet suspected calicivirus (cat flu) which takes hold of the cat by way of plaque and unlike cats without this virus who can keep plaque at bay this virus prevents that and so then leads to gingivitis, ulcers and inabilitiy to eat and…

  2. Pyewacket says:

    A great price point……………. I usually pay at least £2.00 more for this at our local pet shop so I was pleased to be able to buy this from Amazon and also get free p & p.We have 4 cats, 3 Siamese and 1 Oriental and all them have dreadful breath. I am happy for the 3 youngest to have dentals but not for my Red Point because he has a heart condition and the last time he had a dental he collapsed 5 days after the procedure and nearly died. He’s fine now although he has to stay on heart tablets for the rest of his…

  3. A. Morgan says:

    The bikkies for sore gums!! Our sweetie cat has had gingivitis for some time even though she has always been fed a hard biscuit diet to help with her teeth and gums.It is just a case that she is susceptible to this condition.Recently I was advised by our vet to try this dental food rather than go down the route of dental cleaning in surgery.I found that within days of using it her gums had lost most of the inflammation which was very encouraging.I have mixed it with her previous dry food to…