Royal Canin Cat Food Hair & Skin Care 33 Dry Mix 2kg

Skin Care 33 Contains A Collection Of Important Ingredients For Your Cats Skin And Coat. An Exclusive Combination Of B-Vitamins, Amino Acids And Trace Elements Strengthen The Skin, Due To The Way They Support The Skins “Barrier Function”. A Synergetic Antioxidant Complex With Vitamins C & E Neutralizes Free Radicals And Prevents Cell Damage. Essential Fatty Acids From Borage Oil Combined With Vitamins Promote Healthy Skin And Ensure A Silky, Glossy Coat.

Product Features

  • Visible effect in 21 days
  • Targeted nutrients for a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Soya & Borage Oils
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin B, zinc and copper

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3 Responses to Royal Canin Cat Food Hair & Skin Care 33 Dry Mix 2kg

  1. pigmother says:

    Best quality pet feed Daughter’s boyfriend’s cat has had skin problems all it’s life. It was on ┬ú50 month medication without any real results. We’ve always used royal canin for both dogs and cats. She bought the cat this food. Stopped meds and the skin problems proved in less than a month. Cat eats it with gusto where it was a picky eater before. Would always recommend royal canin. We had a 16 year old cat which started jumping up on sofa when fed this. She lived until 21. Also my toy dog had bladder stones and the…

  2. Ingerstoo says:

    Handsome chap now!

  3. P. Seymour says:

    Buy this if your cat has skin problems! We included Royal Canin products in our last cat’s diet because she had a flea allergy so skin/hair condition was a problem. Her fur grew back quickly and her general condition improved so when our current cat found us (she wandered into our garden one day) it was a “no brainer” to carry on with Royal Canin. Her coat and skin was in very bad condition and we noticed a difference very quickly in her general condition. It doesn’t seem to matter what the eating habits of your cat are Royal Canin…