Royal Canin Cat Food Fit 32 Dry Mix 4kg

Product Features

  • For moderately active adult cats
  • Nutritional balance
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Hairball regulation

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3 Responses to Royal Canin Cat Food Fit 32 Dry Mix 4kg

  1. Anna-gram says:

    These huge bags easily last our cat 6 weeks or so… Whilst we have had several cats over the years, I had never fed any of them Royal Canin products before, but when we picked up Ernie from the RSPCA they made the recommendation to us and provided us with a couple of samples. After watching how Ernie was clearly enjoying them, I bought I’d buy a bigger bag and do some testing between this brand and several others… Each time it was the Royal Canin he went for. Now, I buy these huge bags which last us around 6 weeks. I do the subscribe and save…

  2. Anonymous says:

    My two cats practically inhale these biscuits – one is a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food but the other can be a fussy so’n’so. I mix these biscuits with the “Sensible 33” variety. My cats are two years old and appear to be in good health and full of beans and I think that these biccies are a good part of their diet contributing to this. They have wet food in the morning and these in the evening and always come running when they hear the biscuit box rattle. Happy cats = happy…