Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Slicker Brush Large

Slicker brush. Used for grooming pets. Made with a distinctive ergonomic thumb grip to allow comfort and easy whilst grooming your pet.

Product Features

  • Slicker Brush (Large) with ergonomic hand grip
  • Removes matts tangles and loose hair
  • Reduces moulting with regular use.
  • For dematting medium/long coats

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2 Responses to Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Slicker Brush Large

  1. A. Scribe says:

    Best cat grooming tool I’ve ever used I have a semi-long haired cat whose fur has the ability to knot, seemingly overnight. No amount of gentle tugging with a brush could get the matted knots out without a good deal of yowling and the odd scratch being exchanged. This was a stressful situation for both cat and human. I tried various brushes and even bought the Furminator (daft name), which had tremendous reviews. Nothing really worked and I felt that the Furminator was heavy and a bit harsh as it dragged its way through the cat’s…

  2. honest sushi says:

    If the Salon use this, it must be good! We own a 3 years old Chow-chow and always admire the instagram pictures/youtube videos of other chows. they seem to have a really fluffy and soft fur. One day my wife did a research and read on the internet that groomers were recommending to use this along with using a pin brush.We tried it out today and found that because of the shape, it actually makes the grooming process easier. The handle bar has a slight contour to it. Also the area of the brush is wide and thus saves time and…