PupRepublic Biodegradable Poo Bags,Top Compostable Rating EN13432, 8 Refill Rolls,120 count, 9×13 inches,Large,Strong,Unscented,Leak-Proof Dog Waste Bags

PupRepublic Poop Bag are certified in Europe as EN13432 and in the USA as ASTM D6400. This means that they will degrade into water and CO2 in only 90 days, leaving NO HARMFUL RESIDUES in our earth or seas. This is a higher classification than standard EPI plastic poop bags which are petro-plastics and NOT as biodegradable.

Our dog waste bags also carry Vincotte certification. Being vegetable based, they are suitable for home composting, unlike normal ‘biodegradables’.

At 18 microns thick, they will not split, tear or leak. You can pick up your pet’s waste with confidence.

Silky to the touch, easy to separate and open

Unscented for those who prefer not to be overwhelmed by artificial smells, strong and thick enough to help keep smells in.

The box holds 8 rolls of 15 poop bags; the perfect size to fit all standard poop bag dispensers and are ideally suited to use with the PupRepublic Training Treat Pouch and the free Poop Bag Dispenser on our Hands Free Leashes.


Product Features

  • &#9989SUITABLE FOR HOME COMPOSTING – PupRepublic poop bags carry the highest ATSM D6400 rating and Vincotte Certification for biodegradability, meaning they will break down within 90 days into CO2 and water.
  • &#9989PRACTICAL DESIGN – You don’t really want to see what’s inside! We have designed the colour of our poop bags so that you don’t have to!
  • &#9989STRONG, THICK AND LEAK-PROOF – At 18 microns, thicker than the more common 15 microns, you won’t get rips or leaks. Suitable for big Dog doo-doos!
  • &#9989CORN STARCH/GREEN TECHNOLOGY – Most other cheaper Earth Friendly poop bags contain EPI plastics, which take much longer to break down.
  • &#9989FITS STANDARD DISPENSERS – Fabulous with the PupRepublic Dog Training Treat Pouch and Poop Bag Dispenser on our Hands Free Leash. MULTI BUY DISCOUNTS.click ADD TO CART for YOUR SPECIAL LIMITED TIME LAUNCH PRICE

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