Professional Pet Products Styptic Powder, 42 g

PPP Nail-Safe Styptic Powder quickly stops bleeding caused by nail clipping and minor cuts. PPP Nail-Safe Styptic Powder also relieves the associated pain, providing for a less stressful experience for the pet and groomer. For dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and ferrets.

Product Features

  • Powerful agents work to help stop bleeding immediately
  • Works on minor cuts also
  • Essential for nail clipping because if a nail is clipped too short, relief is at the ready
  • Helps to stop pain
  • Comes in a 42g tub

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2 Responses to Professional Pet Products Styptic Powder, 42 g

  1. Pengwyn says:

    a must have when trimming animal nails

  2. Topmackem says:

    Great product