PREMIUM Quality Calming Aid Tablets for Cats and Small Dogs, Best Pet Calmer Supplement for Reducing Stress, Aggression, Calm Tension and Separation Anxiety in Dogs, 90 Count

How You Can Start To Enjoy Carefree Trips & Car Rides With Your Hyperactive Or Stressed Pet!
We all know that pets can get really stressed and anxious during certain events, such as car rides, thunderstorms, firework shows or even a simple visit to the vet!

But what’s the most complete, natural and healthy way to help you favorite small dog or cat calm down, relax and control anxiety and stress?

Presenting The New & Advanced First Pet Friendly Supplies Natural & Safe Calmer!

Stress, anxiety, noise sensitivity and panic will never be a problem again with the aid of our premium

Hypoallergenic and vet-approved

Dog natural calming formula, which includes L – Tryptophan, Inositol, Taurine and many other 100% herbal ingredients!

You can rest assured that your pet is calm and relaxed even when you are away, due to the therapeutic and calming effects of our natural, herbal canine and feline anti-anxiety supplement!

You Will Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without It In The First Place!

Not only will your small dog or cat feel soothed and relieved from noise sensitivity and separation anxiety, you will also be able to enjoy peaceful trips, car rides and playful bath time with your four-legged friend!

Designed and produced in the UK by nutrition and herbal scientists, you can rest assured that our fear, anxiety and stress-relief treatment will protect and soothe barking agitated puppies!

Your Pet’s Well-being Is Our Top Priority! Click The Add To Basket Today To Calm Your Pets!

Product Features

  • BE AT EASE KNOWING YOUR PET IS RELAXED & CALM with our veterinarian approved calming liquid that has been clinically proven to naturally aid in relieving stress, tension, separation anxiety, nervousness, stress-induced behavioural problems, anxiety disorders and attacks and hyperactive aggressive small dogs!
  • MAKE YOUR BUSY PET PARENTING LIFE LESS STRESSFUL WITHIN AN HOUR. Regain your sanity by giving your pet 2 tablets per day of the calming formula to relax and soothe your pet in environmentally induced stressful situations. Our Dog Calmer helps small dogs and cats endure extreme-roaring thunderstorms, clamorous fireworks, grooming and nail trimming visits, washing, incessant deafening noises, and other hypersensitivities.
  • NEVER HAVE A BAD TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PETS AGAIN! We all love traveling with our pets but the barking fits, road or air sickness, and getting hyper can be a nuisance. Don’t worry and stress over what to do. You can prevent each of these situations in your travel with our Premium calming dog aid that uses aromatherapy.
  • ONLY THE BEST NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS ARE USED IN OUR FORMULATION. Each and every ingredient is formulated to help relieve stress, calm nerves, stop abrasive canine behaviour, reduce anxiety, and alleviate GI disturbances, such as travel sickness and puppy nausea.
  • A PORTION OF PROFITS GOES TO CHARITY. As a Pet Company, it is our mission to help make a difference in the world by helping hundreds of animals and pet owners who face financial difficulty to support their pets. That is why we donate a portion of proceeds from each Pet Friendly Supplies purchase to the Blue Cross.

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3 Responses to PREMIUM Quality Calming Aid Tablets for Cats and Small Dogs, Best Pet Calmer Supplement for Reducing Stress, Aggression, Calm Tension and Separation Anxiety in Dogs, 90 Count

  1. benthamite says:

    I love that it’s all natural ingredients It really does work! It’s made a big difference to my very nervy anxious rescue terrier, and helped a lot with separation anxiety. Not had the desired effect in the car yet, but time will tell. I love that it’s all natural ingredients, and if you need to you can keep your dog on a lower dose as long as you like. I mix it with a little bit of my dog’s food, and he seems to relish it. A bottle lasts a lot longer than I expected too. I think this is great value for money, and would recommend it to…