Poodle Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Horses, 6.5” x 5” Retractable, Easy Clean, Ergonomic Stainless Steel Metal Bristle Slicking Comb Professional Grooming Tool

#1 Self-Cleaning Slicker Brushes for Groomers, Show Trainers & Pet Owners

Our dematting tools & grooming combs are highly trusted among professional groomers & pet owners.
Want to know why these cool slicker brushes are recommended by pet grooming pros & DIY novices?

Unlike an ordinary slicker brush, our unique pet grooming tool delivers fast results AND it’s selfcleaning!

Quickly & Easily Cleans Itself
You’ll never again have to mess around with a pet brush cleaner. This groomer’s slicker brush has been
upgraded with a self cleaning mechanism! All you have to do is press the button to get the pins clean.

Boosts Shine & Manageability
Made out of durable stainless steel, the tiny pins fitted onto our small slick brush soothingly massage
your pet’s coat in order to increase circulation, remove debris & break up knotted spots, tangles & mats.

Suitable for Most Animals & Pets
Though commonly used as a slicker brush for dogs & a slicker brush for cats, this handheld grooming tool
can also be used to groom other hairy or furry animals, including horses, sheep, llamas & bunny rabbits.

How Does It Work?
Brushing your cat, dog or pet with the brush is safe, gentle & unbelievably easy!

1. Use the soft stainless steel bristles to gently massage & stroke your pet’s fur
2. Once hair builds up, hold the brush over your trash bin & press the button
3. Watch the pins retract into the compartment & the packed-on hair slide right off
4. Release the button to restore pins to their place & then begin brushing again

DIMENSIONS: 6.5″ total length, 5″ width, 2.5″ paddle length

There’s no better time to stock up on grooming pet supplies & this deal won’t last forever.

Make the smartest move of your day. Order a Poodle Pet Retractable Slicker Brush now!

Product Features

  • BEST SLICKER BRUSH: When it comes to pet supplies you can count on, there’s only one choice. Our slicker brushes are a top choice among pet owners & groomers who never settle for anything less than the best!
  • DETANGLES & SLICKS: The fine-toothed stainless steel pins reach deep into your pet’s fur in order to break up tangles, remove knots, demattify & eliminate debris. The result is a gorgeous coat full of healthy shine.
  • EASY PRESS BUTTON: With each passing stroke, the soft metal comb slicker brush collects loose pet hair. Simply press the button to have the retractable blade dispense the hair buildup right before your eyes!
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Enhanced with a textured non-slip plastic handle, the self clean pet brush is safe to use on pets with all hair types. Use it as a poodle slicker brush, a pomeranian slicker brush or a yorkie slicker brush.
  • HOLED FOR HANGING: You’ll of course need a way to store the slicking brush when not in use, which is why we have finished it with a convenient hanging hole. Can’t hang it? No problem. Slip it in a drawer!

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