Poodle Pet Deshedding Blade Loop Tool for Dog Grooming – Metal Wand Rakes Short & Long Hair to Minimize Shedding – Handheld Groomer Supplies for Small & Large Canines

We know a thing or two about designing grooming pet supplies that cater to everyday dog & cat owners. This is why proud pet parents from all walks of life choose our shedding wand for at home grooming. It’s the must-have deshedding tool for the grooming of show dogs, family dogs & shelter dogs! ✔ Flexible Metal Blade – Gently Glides Over Your Dog’s Coat As It Retrieves Loose Pet Hair ★ Safe, Easy to Use, Recommended for All Breeds Made out of thin metal & designed to maintain a looped bend, this piece of grooming equipment for dogs is unlike any other. All you have to do is glide the deshedding loop across your pet’s fur to remove hair that could otherwise wind up on furniture, in carpets or circulating through the air. ✔ Non-Slip Handle Grip – Helps Prevent Accidents Caused by Slipping ★ Deshedding Rake Handle Upgraded with Hole Cutout for Hanging While the typical deshedding products are clunky & difficult to use. This one has been enhanced with an anti-slip rubberized handle grip that makes it easy to grab hold of. No more fussing with a slippery dog shedding tool. Though simple, the shedding tool serves as effective shed control for dogs. ✔ Great Pet Owner Gift – Universal Grooming Loops for Dogs Big & Small ★ Essential for At-Home Pet Grooming, Thoughtful Gift Idea Know someone who just got a new dog or someone preparing their pooch for an upcoming dog show? These grooming tools for dogs make fantastic gift ideas for pet owners. They’re perfect for grooming poodles, maltese puppies, yorkies, pomeranians, shih tzus, terriers, golden retrievers & more. A shedding dog is no longer a nuisance. For quick at home pet grooming, this ergonomic grooming loop is a handy tool to keep around. It’s time to groom your furry pal the best way you know how. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to order a Poodle Pet shedding rake for dogs!

Product Features

  • AT HOME GROOMING TOOL: Skip the trip to the groomer! This deshedding loop tool for dogs safely & quickly removes loose pet hair to reduce shedding. You can now groom your shed-prone dog at home.
  • BEST PET SHEDDING BLADE: Ergonomically designed, this canine grooming utensil can be used to groom all sizes of dogs. It’s the preferred pick among dog groomers who need all purpose shed accessories.
  • SUPER SAFE, EASY TO USE: Avoid scratching your pet’s skin with bristles by “combing” his or her fur using this unique deshedding rake for dogs. Simply glide the loop over the hair. It attracts & traps it instantly
  • ANTI-SLIP HANDLE GRIP: To help prevent accidents caused by slipping, the handle of our deshedding blade has been equipped with a rubberized grip. It fits firmly in hand, allowing you to gently groom your pooch.
  • END HOLE FOR HANGING: Short on storage space? No problem. This easy to use deshedding tool for dogs features a hold on the handle that lets you hang it up & out of the way. It’s the perfect shedding rake!

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