Plaque Off Dog, 60 g

Plaque Off 60g

Product Features

  • Cleans teeth and removes plaque

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3 Responses to Plaque Off Dog, 60 g

  1. Leonore says:

    No more vet bills for dental work. Just look at those lovely gnashers! Plaque Off is so simple to use you might wonder if it actually works. It does. But not on its own. My ex-racing greyhound is a lazy boy and won’t eat dentisticks but he had thick layers of plaque and tartar on all his teeth having been fed wet food at the racing kennels to keep him hydrated. A bone got rid of 80% of it but some of it was too hard to shift. I didn’t want to scrape away at it for fear of removing essential enamel. After a month I could gently remove the remaining plaque with a…

  2. Lesley Cleary says:


  3. E. Moon says:

    Plaque Off Works