PetSafe Busy Buddy Squeak-n-Treat Booya – Small

Product Features

  • Treat dispenser with fun squeaker
  • Durable rubber construction and distinct visual appeal
  • Makes dogs work and have fun for their treats
  • Ideal with small kibble, dry treats, peanut butter and cheese
  • Made from vanilla scented natural rubber

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3 Responses to PetSafe Busy Buddy Squeak-n-Treat Booya – Small

  1. Aqua Marina says:

    Good strong dog toy designed to provide mental and physical stimulation We really like this dog toy. It is made of a good strong rubbery material that can withstand an eager, hungry dog trying to get at his treats. The treats fit into two of the three arms and are loosely held in by rubber strips, a good shake and they fall out one by one. The other arm is where the squeaker is positioned, to activate the squeak your dog needs to either bite this arm or the centre section.What this achieves is to keep your dog actively engaged with the toy as he tries…

  2. josie82 says:

    Different toy – still loved by the dog Like other reviewers, I was sent a rather than the Buddy Squeak-n-Treat Ooga listed. Before I had even got the toy out of it’s packaging the dog had run away with it and started happily chewing away – so I couldn’t have sent it back even if I had wanted to!As it turns out, I didn’t want to as the dog did really love it. The idea of the Ultra Sub is…

  3. David A. Nash says:

    Wrong toy but does the job.