PETKIT EVERSWEET Travel Pet Water Bottle, One Size, Grey

Reliable Quanlity and Better Application
·With tight seal and safety lock,it’s perfectly designed to fit into your bag,your cup holder in the car and your life with pets.
·The depth of the water trough can prevent water from spilling.You can use the bottle inside your room or car.

·One-Hand Watering
We designed the drinking trough and the water container one bottle.Just one simple press,the water will flow out smoothly.
·Strong Antibacterial Effects
Since the bacteriostatic effect can’t be easily achieved by the sealed cup,we choose BioCleanAct as the main material because of its continuous inhibition of the bacteria growth in the open drinking trough.
·Satisfy your dogs as well as yourself
Dogs usually drink warer by curling up their tongues,just like a spoon to get as much as they can.Thus we designed an arc trough to fit their living habit,making it easier for them to drink.
·Portable Purification System
A considerate water purification resolution for outdoor activities.Activated carbon can remove impurities and reduce the chlorine from irect drinking tap or boiled water.By contrast, the replaceable carbon filter is equal to 100 single-serve water bowls,which is more economic and environmental-friendly.

1*Carbon Filter

Product Features

  • One-hand Watering
  • Strong Antibacterial Effects
  • Portable Purification System
  • Leak-Proof Reddot Design award winner 2017
  • All functions one price to get! One Year Warranty!

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