PetGear by Happy Pet Dog Seat Belt

Petgear Dog Seat Belt. Keep your Best Friend as Safe as All Family Members. Simply Clips onto your Dog’s Harness and Straight into the Seat Belt Clip. DO NOT CLIP ONTO THEIR COLLAR! If you have to stop suddenly, it could SAVE LIVES – Yours and your Dog’s.

Product Features

  • Keeps dogs safe & secure in cars
  • Connects harness to seat belt lock
  • Adjustable for comfortable fit

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2 Responses to PetGear by Happy Pet Dog Seat Belt

  1. D. Jones says:

    Gives me peace of mind This is a great idea for anyone who has their dog travelling on the back seat of their car.My dog isn’t happy being in a crate in the boot, she howls and pants throughout the journey making it stressful for everyone involved. As soon as she is in the back seat and is closer to us she settles down beautifully and is completely quiet. However, I don’t like her being loose on the back seat for her own safety and ours.I have tried a specialist harness which is supposed to…

  2. Moiya Clark says:

    Safe and happy Jack Russell An excellent product, it just clips onto your dogs harness or collar and goes straight into the seat belt connection. We have tried other products but our dog was most unhappy with a different harness on her. This one allows your dog to remain on the collar or harness they usually wear. It also gives them just a little leeway to move about. We went on a long journey with this belt in place and we put our dog’s basket on the back seat – she was able to get into her basket so she was happy but we…