PetGear by Happy Pet Canvas Dispenser & Scoop Bags

With the PetGear Canvas Dispenser & Scoop Bags you’ll never be caught unprepared when nature calls during walkies. Comprising a neat canvas storage bag which clips onto almost any belt or dog lead, and a starter roll of 20 durable, hygienic scoop bags, the Canvas Dispenser & Scoop Bags set contains everything you need to clean up after your dog. Accessing the scoop bags is quick and easy thanks to the dispenser-hole in the bottom of the bag, as is refilling thanks to the convenient zip-top opening.


PetGear Scoop Bag Refills are available for when you’ve got through your initial roll of 20. PetGear Canvas Dispenser & Scoop Bags: convenient, hygienic and discreet!

Product Features

  • Stylish canvas zip top holder
  • Attaches to belt or bag
  • Holds up to 20 scoop bags

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2 Responses to PetGear by Happy Pet Canvas Dispenser & Scoop Bags

  1. Ned says:

    Nifty dispenser Everybody hates cleaning up after their pets,and how embarrassing to be caught out without a bag to clean up with.This nifty dispenser which can clip on to the leash ensures you wont be caught out.Simple to use and if you can keep your dog from eating the dispenser it should last a long time.One last thing to prevent the problem the “Welsh Lady” had don’t pull the plastic tab in the centerof the roll,just remove the sticker which prevents the roll from unraveling then feed a section…

  2. Devonshire Dumpling says:

    QUITE FRAGILE Bought this to replace my plastic ‘bone’ shaped bag holder, because every time it clanks on ground/car/door my dog gets a fright.It’s a neat little size, and just what I was looking for. However, it isn’t without a few flaws – the little clip on it is far too little to be of any use. Thankfully, it is attached to the main body of the pouch by a little elastic loop, which I’ve been able to put over my lead and keep the bag dispenser handy.Also, it’s designed for the…