Pet Nail Grinder Rechargeable Cat Dog Nails Trimmer, Quite Paw Clippers Grooming Tool Set for Ainmals

Why Your Pet Need a Nails Clipper Kit?
If pets with too long nails,they will hurt furniture or themselves when they playing.
To provent pets and furniture from accident,pet nails should be trimmed regularly,and you also can get a chance to bulid good relationship with your pet.
Pet nail grooming kits including nail grider,nail clipper and nail file,it can provide you all need when you groom nails for your dogs,cats or other animals.

How to help your pet adapt to clip nails?
1) For the first use, pets and owners all need time to adapt it; be prepared for that dogs might refuse to be clipped nails.
2) If you pets’ nails never be clipped, you should show it to you pet firstly by let your pet smell it or listen to its sound from running motor. (be sure the grinder is covered)
3) Usually touch the pet’s claws and build trust between you and your pet.
4) Develop the habit of cutting nails from an early age.
5) After the bath the nails is more soft and easier to trim. And for the thick and hard nails, it is better to be used with nail clipper.
6) Just remember do not force your dog to be trimmed to prevent pet are too scared to scratch you, and never want to be trimmed.

Package includes:
1 X Pet Nail Grinder
1 X USB Charge Cable
1 X Pet Nail Clipper
1 X Nail File

– Please do not clean the grinding head with water, alcohol or other liquids.
– Please don’t use it for human nails because the power is too strong.

Product Features

  • Professional Pet Nail Grinder:The dog nail grooming tool including one nail grinder,one nail clipper,one nail file and other accessories,most of pet grooming shop will use it to trim nails for pets.Just buy it now,save money now
  • Nail Grinder with 3 Ports: With 3 different size ports,choose the appropriate port according to your pet nail’s size.If you have a large size nails,you can cut nail be short with nail clipper,and use nail file to clean nails at the last step
  • Precision Grinding Stone:The pet nail grinder head use with precision diamond bit grinding stone,which is safer and more effective for you to clean pet nails, and offer a longer service life
  • Cordless Dog Nail Grinder: Rechargeable dog nails grinder,easy to operate with cordless design,you can enjoy nail grooming time with your pet without any cord trouble
  • Mute Nails Grooming Tool: Our pet nail grinder is especially designed with low noise and low vibration, making your pet no fear to trim their nails

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2 Responses to Pet Nail Grinder Rechargeable Cat Dog Nails Trimmer, Quite Paw Clippers Grooming Tool Set for Ainmals

  1. Anonymous says:

    i ordered these for to grind my dogs nails down as she hates having her nails clipped .this is a great set as you get a nail grinder and a usb cable ,a pair of nail clippers and a nail file . i was impressed by how quiet the nail grinder was and that my dog lay and let me grind her nails no bother this is also usb charged and comes with the cable and is easy to use with one switch and comfortable to hold , this is very light weight as well , this grinder has a small cover to take off when…