Pet Nail Grinder – Lifepul Electric USB Rechargeable Nail Grinder For Dogs and Cats – Gentle Easy Paws Grooming/ Trimming – Completely Painless – Easy and Safe – Durable Design


⋅ Made of strong ABS and diamond-bit grinder,for you to groom your pet nails more easily.

⋅ This rechargeable pet nail grinder low noise processing for brass motor acoustic operation within in 65 decibels, your pets no longer to be afraid for it.

⋅ Convenient for in one hand uses,and our unique rechargeable pet nail grinder slip design in two sides avoiding pet’s nails flying.

⋅ Powered by rechargeable battery,recharging via USB slot such as cell phone charger adaptor and PC USB,once full charged 2 hours for use in 3 hours.


  1. Take the protect cover off and put on the port cover,according to pet size and nail characteristics,select the appropriate port,port 1 for small pets,port 2 for medium and large pets,port 3(side) suitable for fast wear armor.
  2. Holding and open the switch,the left hand pinch pet’s paws then make pet’s nails gently into the hole,so you can begin to repair your pet nails now!

Cleaning method:

⋅Using the paper,cloth or neutral soap to remove the nail powder on the pet nail grinder surface with carefully touch.


⋅ If your pet for the first time wear armor,suitable not sharp too long or too polished in according to avoid bloodshed.
⋅ Each time to last should not more than 5 seconds so you can adjust the angle of the pet’s nail.
⋅ This pet nail grinder including some sharp kits,please avoid children to use it.
⋅ The indicator light is red when charging and lights turn to green once is fully charged.

Size: 5.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 inch (L x W x T)
Powered By: Micro USB
Input: USB Adatpor AC100V-240V
Use For:Pet (Dog, Cat,small animals with nail)

Package Includes:
1 X nail grinder;
1 x Micro USB cord
1 X user manual;

Product Features

  • ✅ Excellent In Nail Grinding: The top of the recharge pet nail grinder has a diamond-bit grinder,open when it in High-speed use it to smooth nails not splits,reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurt your lovely friends
  • ✅ Quiet & Quick: Unique mute technology,acoustic noise in the process of operation within the 65 decibels, pets won’t be afraid any longer.This recharge pet nail grinder designed with low noise and low vibration, provide quiet operation for pet comfort
  • ✅ Easy To Clean: This recharge pet nail grinder has plastic cover can effectively prevent nails and cuttings from flying around,after use you just have to clean the ground,and it didn’t have cuttings stay in the kits.
  • ✅ Different Size To Openings:There are three openings/ports in the grinder area,you can use depending on your dog’s size and characteristics of their nails.Trimming and shaping pet nails as well as smoothing rough nails on small, up to medium, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds
  • ✅ Lightweight And Powerful: Powered by rechargeable battery,fully charged 2 hours use for 3 hours,suitable for both home and professional grooming use,lightweight,well balanced design with soft touch grip insert ensure comfort and ease of use

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2 Responses to Pet Nail Grinder – Lifepul Electric USB Rechargeable Nail Grinder For Dogs and Cats – Gentle Easy Paws Grooming/ Trimming – Completely Painless – Easy and Safe – Durable Design

  1. Michael White says:

    Quality but not for me Our hound developed an intense dislike of having her claws clipped. She just had to catch sight of a pair of clippers to start stressing. The final straw was the shock of it taking three members of staff at the vet to hold her still and trim her claws. Seeing our normally chilled out hound so stressed was unacceptable, so I sought out an alternative.It took two to three weeks of very, very slow customisation, going from just getting her used to the sound of the electric file, to…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bought this pet nail grinder as I was looking for a way to maintain my dog’s nails – and I have to say this really does make things so much easier!It’s super easy to use and very straightforward – it has two little attachments that offers three different sized openings depending on the size of your dog’s nails (please see photos).Although it does come pre-charged (which I found out as I couldn’t resist giving it a go as soon as I received it!) it is advisable to put it…