Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorising Shampoo 475 ml

Time to take care of the smelly pooch with our effective deodorizing shampoo.

Product Features

  • Yummy Orange scented deodorising shampoo – great for dogs that love rolling in the smelly stuff!
  • This powerful yet gentle formula actually neutralises odours – doesn’t just cover them up!
  • Baking soda and ordenone deodorise and freshen the coat. Vegetable proteins help build body and elasticity and leave the coat looking fuller and luscious
  • All Pet Head formulas are manufactured in the USA to human quality standards. They are pH balanced for dogs and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphate and DEA and will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed
  • Fresh and unique fragrances ensure your pooch will smell great and is one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from other brands

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2 Responses to Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorising Shampoo 475 ml

  1. Talie says:

    Only the best for my pooch I will freely admit that my dog has a great life and is spoiled rotten. She has more toys than I did when I was a child, gets top quality raw food and natural chews. She repays me for this kindness by rolling in excrement at every given opportunity. Fox, goose, horse and cow are her favourites, and until you’ve had a 90 minute journey home in a car with a fox pooh covered hound, you cannot possibly understand how much I need this product.The bottle is pretty funky, and the…

  2. FussyMissus says:

    Amazing stuff! Works beautifully! I cannot reccomend this product enough. I have two spaniels who like to throw themselves in the river and then wander around in muddy areas, or else roll around on the beach. Bring them home and wash them in Dirty Talk and they come up spotless first time.It leaves the coats smooth and shiny, and has a nice subtle scent that kills the smell of soggy dog rather than scents your dog.No reactions from my dogs skin, and although it seems expensive, you…