PET GROOMING GLOVES – Best Cat and Dog Grooming Brush Makes Grooming Easier – For Short and Long Hair Pet Hair Removal – Grooming Mitt Gives your Pet a Gentle Massage at the Same Time – Easy Solution for Deshedding Pets – GAINWELL guarantee!

Simple end to excess shedding from your pet – this pet grooming glove is easy to use, and grooming will no longer be a chore. Your cat or dog will think they are being petted and gently massaged, and their coat will look instantly glossy and healthy – your pet will love you for it!

“I felt like I was constantly picking up hair from my cat all over the house, as much as I love my furball, I didn’t love her mess! Whenever I tried to brush her, she would bolt and hide away. So I was never able to remove her excess hair and it just ended up on the furniture. Now, thanks to this amazing pet grooming glove, my cat will voluntarily come to me to be stroked, I think she loves the feel of being massaged, and my vacuum cleaner gets a rest as a result!” – Mary

Our pet grooming glove is lightweight, easy to secure around your hand, and gentle enough that your pet will think it’s just being petted rather than groomed. No longer will they disappear once you bring the glove out!

You probably dread grooming time, and know that it takes so much time and effort to get your pet to hold still while you brush their coat. They hate it, and you hate it, so you end up avoiding the task. In the meantime, your pet continues to shed its hair, and doesn’t look as glossy and healthy as it should. GAINWELL pet grooming glove has been designed to be used on a daily basis, no more matting, tangles or hairballs!

If your pet doesn’t love grooming after using it, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked! p>

Simple, easy to use, the rubber traps the hair, and it peels straight off into the trash. With a quick rinse under the tap, it’s ready to use again!

Click Add to Cart at the top of the page to put an end to excess shedding around the house once and for all! No longer will you have to fight your pet to groom them! Your pet owning friends will want to know where you got it, so buy them one too!

Product Features

  • PUT AN END TO SHEDDING ONCE AND FOR ALL – simple way to remove excess hair from your pet’s coat, reducing shedding. The mitt gently massages your pet, meaning your dog or cat will enjoy being stroked at the same time as being groomed, no more chasing around!
  • PET GROOMING BRUSH SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS AND HAIR LENGTHS – mitt can be used for cats and dogs, and for short or long hair, the rubber simply traps the hair whatever the length
  • EASY TO USE – adjustable Velcro strap to fit all hand shapes and sizes – can be used wet or dry, hair just peels away. Easy to clean by just rinsing
  • GREAT HAIR REMOVER FROM FURNITURE AND CLOTHES – mitt traps loose hair stopping it from flying away
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE WHEN YOU ORDER NOW! If you’re not happy or aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will gladly and promptly refund your purchase price

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3 Responses to PET GROOMING GLOVES – Best Cat and Dog Grooming Brush Makes Grooming Easier – For Short and Long Hair Pet Hair Removal – Grooming Mitt Gives your Pet a Gentle Massage at the Same Time – Easy Solution for Deshedding Pets – GAINWELL guarantee!

  1. Jo says:

    Poplar with my lot I have 4 cats and tested this on the two that are the most unhappy with being brushed. Coby took to the glove immediately. He rubbed his face against the rougher side, and couldn’t get enough of me brushing him with it. Lily took longer to get used to the glove, but she doesn’t like being groomed in general, no matter what tool I use. Once I let her sniff and explore the glove for a while, she actually enjoyed being brushed with it. She doesn’t shed much but the mitt did seem to…

  2. Mr & Mrs Kemal says:

    A Big Paws Up From Zara My Cat! Pet grooming glove comes in a sealed plastic bag.A perfect grooming item for my 2 cats who stand and roll around wanting more grooming !The only downside is sore back for me! My cats can’t get enough, it Is great in removing shedding hair which is dreadful with my Bengal girl Zara as you can see in the video she has a very thick coat.Another significant fact about this glove is that it is so gentle on their skins as some combs…

  3. Damon says:

    Your critters will love it! Seemingly with my menagerie comes an ever increasing number and variety of brushes to cater to each and each having their specific role. One for that dog, a general one for the cats and dogs, that one for the winter coat when it seems to be shedding out in handfuls from the cat and so on. This one I have specifically for the cat himself, he’s an old tom and whilst loving you one minute, he can turn into a whirling dervish from hell with claws flying the next when it comes to grooming. One place…