Pet Grooming Glove, Oak Leaf Dog Cat Deshedding Brush Hair Remover Tool with Massage Tips for Gentle & Efficient Long or Short Hair, 1 Pair -Left & Right Hand (Large)

Every pet owner knows that pet hair gets everywhere and is the devil to remove!
Find it hard to make your naughty puppy sitting quietly for hair shedding because he hates your brush?
Then it’s time to switch to something that he will actually love– Oak Leaf 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Gloves for coat grooming and massage!
★Soft finger tips help remove loose hair and tangles by mimicking the gentle touch of your hands.
★Ball-shaped tips on the palm offer your pets relaxing massage that promotes new shiny coat.
★Enhanced 5-finger design helps clean sensitive and hard-to-reach places, like face, tail or legs.
★Left & right hand operation improves efficiency and helps cut grooming time in half.
★Large size with adjustable wrist straps make the gloves fit most adult hands.
★Well-distributed nubs make hair stuck to the glove and easy to peel off.
★Ideal for pets with short and long fur including cats, dogs from poodles, chihuahua to shepherd as well as horses, rabbits, etc.
Specifications: Material: Nylon, PVC & Rubber Coating
Color: Navy Blue & Black
Glove Length: 10.1-10.3 inches
Package Contents:
2 x Dog Grooming Glove (Left & Right)

Product Features

  • SOFT FINGER TIPS FOR GENTLE DESHEDDING: Featuring soft silicone tips on the fingers, these Dog Grooming Gloves help remove loose hair and tangles gently by mimicking the stroke of your hands. Unlike those horrifying brushes, it’s a comfy tool that even your jittery cat will love!
  • SPECIALLY-DESIGNED PALM TIPS FOR SOFT MASSAGE: This Pet Deshedding Brush is designed with a good amount and distribution of round-shaped tips on the palm, offering your pets relaxing massage while removing excessive hair. And the soft massage stimulates better blood circulation and promotes new shiny coat.
  • 5-FINGER DESIGN & 2-HAND OPERATION ENHANCE EFFICIENCY: Oak Leaf Pet Hair Remover Mitt Set comes with both left and right hand for easier and quicker grooming. The enhanced five finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face, legs or tail.
  • DECENT SIZE & ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP FIT ALL HANDS: Measuring 9.8” to 10.1” in length, these Massage Hair Removers with an adjustable wrist strap fits most adult hands. And the breathable fabric makes them comfy to wear.
  • EASY TO PEEL OFF AND CLEAN: Unlike brushes that make hair scatters everywhere, these Pet Deshedding Gloves with a good distribution of nubs make the hair stuck to the tips and easy to peel off. The gloves can also be used to remove the pet hair on your furniture and carpet, greatly reducing the spread of loose hair.

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