Pet Grooming Clippers BUYKUK® Double Blades Cordless Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit

NOTE: Before using please read the manual carefully and keep it properly for reference. (Any question please feel free to contact us)

BUYKUK pet clipper has amazing power and unsurpassed cutting performance that allows professionals to quickly and effectively clip through most coat types. The extremely quiet clipper has low vibration and is exceptionally lightweight yet powerful.

For the New Product, Please Charge It First charging instructions

1. The best charging temperature: 5C~40C (Celsius Degree). Battery will reach the best condition after charging 3-4 times.Please use original adapter to charge

2. Lithium battery inside the clipper offers long-term use power. You just need to charge 1.5 hours and use for as long as 2 hours.

3. This pet grooming clippers uses a 3.2V Germany imported motor which gives stronger power when clipping.

Product Features

  • Double Blades Cordless. Wide and narrow blades combined to give your pet incomparable comfortable clipping.
  • Charging protection & Led light to remind power consumption. The led light on the clipper reminds you of power consumption and gives you a better control of the clipping work.
  • Cordless design,Shorter charge time and longer use time. The full charging time is just 1.5 hours and it can sustain continuous cordless use of 2 hours. The cordless pet clipper make the clipping work very flexible.
  • Quite Working. The 3.2V Germany imported works more powerful with less noise. Bigger Voltage Motor for heavy duty work
  • Made for use in UK electrical outlets only. Not for international use. 3years limited warranty

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3 Responses to Pet Grooming Clippers BUYKUK® Double Blades Cordless Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit

  1. SHK says:

    Great tool for trimming! After picking up my boys’ from the groomers and thinking ‘I could do better than this’ (please bear in mind this isn’t in any way being insulting to groomers, I know you train and work hard, but the price I paid and the mess that particular groomer had made really made me think that!) I thought I’d research clippers again. I had tried clippers before, with not good results – mainly due to the noise and poor cut that those clippers made. I always trim my boys (both Cavalier King Charles…

  2. Jose says:

    Pays for Itself!