Pet Gear 2 Step Stairs- Tan

Pet Gear Easy Step Stairs 2-step Tan

Product Features

  • Easy set up that snaps together in seconds
  • Large steps to keep your pet sure footed
  • Removable carpet for easy cleaning
  • Rubber grips to prevent the steps from slipping

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2 Responses to Pet Gear 2 Step Stairs- Tan

  1. E. Hague says:

    Easier to use than heavy dog ramp My Golden Retriever now gets into my hatchback with ease using these steps. The steps are light enough to handle and fit fully assembled onto the back seat without any problem. The problem with the the dog ramps is that they are either too narrow and/or slippery so that the dog falls off.If the ramp is made sturdy enough then it is heavy and awkward to handle so you get a bad back from lifting the ramp (you might as well lift your dog). Assembling instructions are good but you definitely need…

  2. Liz says:

    A good product – excellent value for money My ageing springer spaniel was finding the jump into the car increasingly difficult and obviously painful. I’ve seen some steps and ramps for sale for around £120-£180, so it was good to find a much cheaper solution! He happily uses these steps and waits for me to get them out of the boot before he even tries to get into the car. I “trained” him to use the steps using food rewards. He got a reward for approaching the step, and then another for putting a paw on the steps, and then another…