Pet Dentist-Bamboo Charcoal Pet Cat Dog Toothbrush – Dental Care for Dogs and Cats Extra Soft Bristles for All Breeds

If your pet is known for “stinky breath,” you don’t have to deal with it any longer. Our Bamboo Charcoal Pet Toothbrush puts an end to doggy breath. Good oral hygiene is an essential part of your pet’s daily routine, and a charcoal toothbrush is the best way to naturally clean their teeth. Charcoal has been used as one of nature’s best absorbing and cleaning agents for thousands of years. That’s why we use it in the bristles of our pet toothbrush because your pet deserves it.

A charcoal toothbrush absorbs all the odour-causing compounds and leaves your pet’s teeth not only clean but odour-free as well. You’ll enjoy fresher kisses from your furry friend and not have to take them to the vet for cleanings as often. Its super soft bristles protect their gums from being cut or scratched so they’ll enjoy their brushing experience better. The charcoal that’s infused into the bamboo bristles makes them much softer for more effective cleaning and massaging of the gums. Your pet may actually look forward to having their teeth brushed.

It safely and naturally pulls the plaque away from the teeth without scraping or eroding the enamel. Since many pets suffer quietly with painful dental disease, it’s often called a silent killer. And, daily brushing is the best way to prevent it so your best friend stays healthier and happier. Plus, it’s much cheaper to avoid the problem with a preventative approach.

Whitening your pet’s teeth by naturally removing the stains with a charcoal toothbrush is easy to do. Simply brush the outer sides of their teeth regularly for a sparkling smile. But, charcoal does more than just remove the plaque and freshen their breath. It kills the bacteria and germs at their source. The bacteria cause dental disease, therefore, it must be eliminated for your pet’s health. So, stop worrying about your best friend’s oral health and take action now by ordering your Bamboo Charcoal Pet Toothbrush today.

Product Features

  • FRESHENS BREATH FOR FRESHER KISSES – Our pet toothbrush freshens your dog or cat’s breath for more enjoyable kisses. Good dental care with a charcoal toothbrush means no more “doggy breath” as well as improved overall health of your pet. This saves you money on vet dental bills later on by not putting your pet under sedation for deep cleanings as often
  • PROTECTS GUMS WITH EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES – This toothbrush has super soft gentle bristles so your pet’s gums are not injured. Their rounded ends protect sensitive gums from cuts and scratches so your furry friend enjoys the brushing experience. The bamboo charcoal elements in the bristles are much softer and clean better versus normal bristles, so your pet may even look forward to their brushing
  • KILLS BACTERIA AND GERMS – Charcoal does more than simply freshen your pet’s breath, it eliminates the source. It kills the harmful bacteria and germs that eat away at the enamel which cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and other problems. And, since charcoal gets rid of germs, they don’t stay alive on the toothbrush between brushings. This ensures you’re not putting germs back into your pet’s mouth
  • REMOVES STAINS TO WHITEN TEETH – By removing the stains with a charcoal toothbrush, your pet’s teeth whiten naturally without harmful chemicals. The activated charcoal in the bristles absorbs the food acid-causing stains that are deeply embedded in your pet’s teeth to leave them sparkling white
  • PULLS PLAQUE AWAY NATURALLY – A charcoal toothbrush pulls plaque away from the teeth naturally, unlike ordinary ones that scrape at the teeth. This makes it easier to remove more plaque without eroding your pet’s enamel for a safer and more natural way to clean their teeth. Less plaque also means a lower chance of dental disease for your pet, which may lengthen their life

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