Pet Dent Antibacterial Mouth Gel 60g

A highly palatable antibacterial preparation for the promotion of oral hygiene in dogs, cats and other animals.

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3 Responses to Pet Dent Antibacterial Mouth Gel 60g

  1. Magpie reader says:

    Effective dental antibacterial gel for cats. I have used this gel after recommendation by a vet for several years with 3 different cats. There is the usual daily moggy protest about having anything that is good for them, then having registered their protest they let me put a pea-sized blob of gel into their mouths and swallow it. The process has speeded up since they have realised that they will have a small cat treat soon afterwards. None of the cats has needed any veterinary dental treatment since beginning preventative treatment with…

  2. L. Smith says:

    Well, it seems to be helping