Pet Buddys Hubulk PB5560 Dog&cat Grooming Brush-TPR, Blue

Dual Purpose Cleaning And Grooming Brush:Removes Pet Hair and Lint from everywhere
short brush strokes lift hair from carpet or fabric the pet hair eiminator’s hundreds of rubber bristles gerate an electrostatic charge that actually attracts the pet hair like magnet
Carpets corners stairs
Upholstery clothing
Pet grooming &bathing
Just rinse with SOAP and water,you can even put it in the dishwasher

Product Features

  • No harsh metal blades to protect your pet,gently sooths and massages as it grooms.
  • Great for hair removal from carpet, upholstery and clothing.
  • Rinses with soap and water.
  • This grooming brush is made of a special type of rubber called TPR.
  • Creates an electrostatic charge that attracts hair and fine particles.

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3 Responses to Pet Buddys Hubulk PB5560 Dog&cat Grooming Brush-TPR, Blue

  1. Juney says:

    First class brush.

  2. Mr J W Morris says:

    Does the Job

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best brushes of this type I have ever bought. It is well made and the rubber is very soft and pliable unlike some I have bought in the past. I also like the comb part on the side (well my cats do!) it is excellent at removing hair from my sofa and grooming my Kitty’s​. You can get cheaper but this is worth that little extra. The only problem is that my cats want to be groomed 24hrs a day LOL. Paws up for this one and going to get another for upstairs grooming!!!!! just…