Pet Brands Rac Travel Water Bottle

Dog travel water bottle, ideal for giving dogs a quick drink while on the go. 0.5 Litre Capacity. Optional storage clip Included.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Comes with a water holder attached which allows for easy use
  • Strong and robust which doesn’t leak easily
  • Rac branded

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3 Responses to Pet Brands Rac Travel Water Bottle

  1. M. T. Bennett says:

    water bottle

  2. Miss K C Shook says:

    easy to use and very portable

  3. Renaissance Rises says:

    It leaks but is better than carrying a bowl and bottle individually I brought this because it’s RAC branded and I wrongly assumed it would be a quality product.The problems for me are:1) It’s a bad lid and the bottle leaks unless you’re holding it upright.2) The opening is tiny and you have to put the tap on a trickle if you want to fill it without water splashing all round the bottle3) Did I mention that the opening is tiny – it takes forever to rinse the soap out when washing the bottle4) It’s a screw top but it takes a lot…