Niger/Nyger/Nyjer Seeds 900g Loose Bagged from Melian

These tiny black seeds primarily attract Goldfinches and other small song birds to your garden. You can mix them in with your seed mix or feed them alone.

Attracts Goldfinches Fast! Feeding nyjer seed all year round is a proven way to help increase the numbers of Goldfinches in your garden.
Nyjer seed has tonic releasing properties and is terrifically oil-rich, which is just what Goldfinches are looking for.

Nyjer seed is best fed from a dedicated Nyjer feeder, which has small slits in the tubing to prevent too much seed being blown out of the feeder on windy days.

Nyjer seed is recommended for feeding the following species

Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, House Sparrows, Tree Sparrows and Siskins.

Product Features

  • Seed for garden and caged birds

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