Naturediet Chicken and Lamb with Vegetables and Rice Dog Food Tray, 18 x 390 g

Naturediet Chicken & Lamb With Vegetables And Rice Is A Recipe Suited For All Dogs Of Ages And Breeds, Completely Free From Chemical Additives, Preservatives And Colourings

Product Features

  • Note:The date on item in DD/MM/YY format is production date and the Expiry is mentioned in MM/YY format.
  • Wet dog food
  • 18X390gm, Completely free from chemical additives, preservatives and colorings
  • Chicken & lamb
  • Wet foils/trays

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3 Responses to Naturediet Chicken and Lamb with Vegetables and Rice Dog Food Tray, 18 x 390 g

  1. David Macarthur says:

    Good product which does what it says. My dog has been eating a mixture of this and a dry biscuit after finding out he has a storage mite allergy. Using wet packet food really helps make his (and my) life easier.The smell I find is not as strong as some others I’ve been impressed with the quality control, we never have a part filled tub or any issues with changes in consistency.My only negative point stopping this from progressing to a five star review is the pull tabs on the pack. I find the majority of the…

  2. Dean Poxon says:

    Accidental order but Pleased! So I recently posted a review on Naturo and decided to order more but when my order arrived I actually Recieved the above.. Turns out I made a mistake in the ordering however I’ve found this product to be of just if not identical in quality and appearance. Foiled package for fresheners and we’ll packed in a handy to open box! However but I must stress this is most probably due to the sudden change in my dogs diet but they have suffered with diarea but other than that I will be ordering this…

  3. GrammarPhone says:

    My dog used to love this food My dog used to love this food, and I was very happy to feed it to him. Then they changed it…. The consistency has gone from firm yet mashable to a pinkish-brown goop, covered in liquid and jelly. The packets are harder to open – the peel back lid rips almost every time I open a packet.What’s more, I’ve started finding bone chips and bits of plastic at the bottom of my dogs bowl when he has finished picking through it – this is completely unacceptable. I won’t be using the…