Natural Living Climbing Frame, for Budgies, Canaries

Aviary swing with perches for fixing to the cage or avairy.

Aviary swing, wooden, 27 cm / ø 13 cm

Product Features

  • wood
  • Size: 27 cm
  • Wooden
  • Highest quality
  • Great product

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2 Responses to Natural Living Climbing Frame, for Budgies, Canaries

  1. MichaelP says:

    What it says

  2. ANGELA says:

    Excellent cage accessory This is surprisingly very popular with my budgies – I thought the perches would be a bit short – but they use it all the time and even sleep at the top side by side every night, It’s also good because it has a hook so gives them a bit of a swing which is more natural. The hen does pull a couple of the smaller branches out but I haven’t glued them in (even though the company thoughtfully sent a small tube of glue!) preferring to leave her with the fun of pulling them out and exercising her. They…