MIU PET Longer-Version Multi-Functional Dog Shower – Bath Massager Handheld Sprayer Shampoo Brush Grooming Tool for Dogs and Cats with Stainless Steel Hose – Indoor and Outdoor Use (7.7 Feet, Blue)

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Product Description

Healthy pet with bright and clean hair are always popular. To keep pets in good and healthy condition, pay more attention on the environment and feeding is not enough, another key point is that we should give the pet a shower timely and correctly. Research shows 40% of pet skin diseases are caused by residual shampoo and water. So a proper shower ware is very necessary.

MIU PET multifunctional shower head is the product to make the pet healthy. Your dog could enjoy the shower and massage at the same time. MIU PET shower can clean dog’s skin thoroughly and keep the hair tidily, daily use will reduces the risk of pet skin diseases much more.

Package included:
1* MIU PET Multifunctional pet shower head
1* stainless steel hose
4* hose adapter

Product specification
The Sprayer head: 4.33 * 3.15 inches
The hose’s length: 2.4m
4 hose adapters in diameter: 0.9 inches & 0.7 inches & 0.55 inches & 0.35 inches

1. The attached black seal ring is for backup in largest hose adapter.
2. If it is troublesome for you to remove the actual shower head every time you bathe your dog, then we suggest you could install a diverter, which is not included in our package.
3. We provide 4 general hose adapters which fit most faucets. But considering there still may occurs inapplicable event, please measure the size first.

Product Features

  • CREATIVE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DOG SHOWER BATHING TOOL – Integrate bath, massage and shampoo together, easily and quickly deal with the trouble of pet bathing, provide gentle massage and make your pet bathing enjoyable, help clean pet’s skin thoroughly and keeps the hair tidily.
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE – Comes with 5 IMPROVED HOSE ADAPTERS to fit most indoor and outdoor faucets. Shower your lovely pet everywhere if only there is have running water.
  • SINGLE HAND OPERATION – Shower head is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. Equipped with shampoo storage container and water lock button, easy to control its multifunction and perform all bathing actions just with one hand.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – Practice shows bathing a same dog, using our pet shower will effectively save 50% water and 40% shampoo and half of the usual time.
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE – We are direct distributor, so you can get best quality product with most preferential price. If there is any quality problem, we offer full refund or replacement for free.

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2 Responses to MIU PET Longer-Version Multi-Functional Dog Shower – Bath Massager Handheld Sprayer Shampoo Brush Grooming Tool for Dogs and Cats with Stainless Steel Hose – Indoor and Outdoor Use (7.7 Feet, Blue)

  1. Stewac19 says:

    Makes Light-Work Of Bathing. If like myself you own a furry friend, I own a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier, if you have any experience in this breed then it’s most likely you’ll be aware of their high maintenance coat if to be kept in good condition. one of the dreaded routines is “Bath-Time” my usual method is using my indoor shower chasing my little one around the bath..when he then reaches the foot of the bath where the taps are located.. Making it virtually impossible to reach him with the shower head due to…

  2. mellowpellow says:

    Dogs enjoyed the massage. I used this to shower my two springers after a muddy walk. The shower head has a button for turning on the water which when you first press the water jets out for a short time so make sure that it is not pointing in the dogs face as it made my older dog jump, it then slows down to a more gentle flow. There is a button to press to allow the shampoo to come through. The shower head has an opening which is unscrewed on the underside and you then fill the chamber up with your shampoo and I used a…